Theta consultants, inspectors and assessors are kept up to date with the latest industry requirements and technology through a continuous, regular and periodic trainings and audits of their inspection/assessment procedures.


Leverage our flexible Remote Audit approach as part of your normal audit program

Theta introduced Remote Audits & Inspections s as part of its ongoing commitment to drive safety performance and productivity for clients using digital technologies in challenging times. Offering easy direct access to our global network of auditors/inspectors, Theta Remote Audit delivers a new option for smart and safe surveying.

A survey is completed remotely based on a review of visual and technical information, such as video or photographs provided by the vessel.

Remote Audits & Inspections takes Theta responsiveness to an even higher level, saving clients’ time and money and giving operators greater flexibility and efficiency. This is the latest safety step in the Theta Mission to promote the security of life and property and preserve the natural environment.

What types of Audits Apply?

We can apply Remote Audit techniques for a complete set of audits:

- Remote Safety Audit for ISM – ISPS – MLC

- Remote Navigational Safety Assessment
(VDR facts analysis)

- Remote Navigation Incident Investigation Root Cause Analysis

- Other specific audit that may be requested



Theta Marine Consulting  have a number of ISM & ISPS trained auditors which can assist an ISM Manager with internal audits to ensure compliance with the codes (International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention & International Ship Security Code)

Audits can be carried out alone or in conjunction with a full Safety Inspection combined with Onboard Training to ensure that the vessels crew gain maximum benefit from the process and also to give the client piece of mind that their assets are being operated in a safe and competent manner with due regard to the personnel, the environment and the vessel itself.